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Published on September 23, 2008 By SKoriginals In Forum Issues

Alright, just noticed this tonight for the first time. I'm recently and slowly converting to FF as v3 is growing on me. However, I commonly use the 'Right-click > Copy'  (or cut and/or paste) options. Just got used to doing so instead of the key short-cuts Ctrl+c (or x or p or whatever).

Now when using the key short-cut method everything is fine and dandy but when using the right-click method you get the following error (which I'll take a sceenshot of right now)....

Notice its a screenshot of me writing this message 

ok, the link takes me to this page for an explination and 'fix'... http://www.mozilla.org/editor/midasdemo/securityprefs.html

Well that just seems absurd that that even needs to be done, so if there is something that can fix that 'issue' on the sites end that would be a good idea I think. 


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on Sep 23, 2008

Just a friendly request guys; please hold off on posting commentary like that in posts in the Forum Issues category. It's demoralizing and it doesn't help with resolving the actual issue, or helping someone to get a workaround working. It's also pretty off topic. There are quite a few posts right now about the edit button not working, and this particular post isn't the proper place to comment on that issue. Please help us out in this regard and have a little restraint. We know that issues can be frustrating, but the people on the other side of the screen are human too.

I realize you guys are human Andrew...same here...and it certainly wasn't meant to demoralize anyone...thats a bit extreme...it just gets very frustrating.

on Sep 23, 2008

This is what my user.js file looks like:

And I tried that as well...but still a no go....user.js file looks that same and javascript enabled. I can copy text already submitted but can't copy anything I'm in the process of writing.

on Sep 23, 2008

Getting a bit off topic Web doesn't sound like a forum issue more like a FF3 issue better addressed with Mozilla but here goes


Getting a bit off topic Web doesn't sound like a forum issue more like a FF3 issue better addressed with Mozilla but here goes


Worked for me.

on Sep 23, 2008

Right on topic....same concern as SK's.

Anyway....I have no idea what it is then! I have the same user.js file as you and its still not working. I can't copy what I'm typing here without using the ctrl-c and ctrl-v method. Oh well...lifes a bitch!

on Sep 23, 2008

WebGizmos, I do know that the dev for TinyMCE is working on a way around that. He's working directly with the Moz people. I don't have any more information than that, but the guy is great and speaks with me directly. If/When a workaround for this becomes available for the editor, I'll make sure to make a big deal about it so you know.

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