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Skinning.nets 9th Challenge
Published on May 5, 2006 By SKoriginals In OS Customization

Sponsored by Stardock and 4ArmedForces.com

This is part 2 of the series. Skinning.net's first Windowblinds contest. You must be a member of Skinning.net to join in. Joining the site is simple, painless, safe, free and easy (yes, all of that).

1st prize is $60 US dollars & ObjectDesktop plus Total Gaming Network
2nd prize is $25 US dollars & ObjectDesktop

Check out the full details at Skinning.net ---> Link

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on May 19, 2006
Lets see some skins or we might have to take action!!
on May 20, 2006

Where are all the newer skinners! Lets go, Sign up.

on May 22, 2006
Two weeks until uploading starts!
on May 22, 2006
I would love to mate but time is not something i have at the moment............

Can't even finish the skin i'm doing at the moment....

sorry guys.
on May 24, 2006
Sorry to hear that Robbie
on May 26, 2006
on Jun 01, 2006
Just a few more days till the uploading starts, so polish off those windowblinds.
on Jun 02, 2006
Hey kids, it's about that time.....
WB contest with really NICE prizes at www.skinning.net
Start uploading your skins for the contest "June 5th to June 10th"Can't wait to see the entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on Jun 04, 2006
Thanks Cynder and as according to rule #2. All windowblinds are to be uploaded to the special "ASC Windowblinds" section. A screen shot must be provided and no larger than 800 pixels wide. Posting should take place between the dates of....

..:: June 5th to June 10th. ::..

Guess that means it begins tomorrow
on Jun 04, 2006
on Jun 05, 2006
Today is the first day for uploading.  I hope to see you there.
on Jun 09, 2006
We will be extending the upload time by 2 days.  The close is now 12 June.
on Jun 09, 2006
and the reason for changing the rules after the game started is?
on Jun 09, 2006
and the reason for changing the rules after the game started is?

on Jun 09, 2006
FYI The original closing date of June 10th will be strictly enforced.
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