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Skinning.nets 9th Challenge
Published on May 5, 2006 By SKoriginals In OS Customization

Sponsored by Stardock and 4ArmedForces.com

This is part 2 of the series. Skinning.net's first Windowblinds contest. You must be a member of Skinning.net to join in. Joining the site is simple, painless, safe, free and easy (yes, all of that).

1st prize is $60 US dollars & ObjectDesktop plus Total Gaming Network
2nd prize is $25 US dollars & ObjectDesktop

Check out the full details at Skinning.net ---> Link

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on May 06, 2006
We would love to see you in it!!! You don't even have to skin some of the more time consuming parts (unless you want too, read the details), so come on!!
on May 08, 2006
Am glad to see the overwhelming interest.   Where are all the skinners?  Lets go.
on May 09, 2006
on May 10, 2006
Hey! "calling all skinners" here's a cool challenge, with cash prizes!
on May 11, 2006
and more Cynder!!!
on May 11, 2006
Whoah! How did I miss seeing this... I shall spread the word!
on May 11, 2006
cool, thanks JD
on May 14, 2006
A little more than 2 weeks
on May 15, 2006
I wonder how many skinners are going to enter!
on May 15, 2006
at least 1
on May 15, 2006
Maybe two.
on May 16, 2006
"Get 'er Done!!" as the man says
on May 16, 2006
I know there are more than 2 windowblind skinners!!!
These are great prizes and if you don't care about the prizes, there is always the "challenge"!!!!!
on May 17, 2006
I see we have some old skinners, how about some new ones.  Come on, get your feet wet.
on May 18, 2006
Join the podium winning skinners!
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