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Skinning.nets 9th Challenge
Published on May 5, 2006 By SKoriginals In OS Customization

Sponsored by Stardock and 4ArmedForces.com

This is part 2 of the series. Skinning.net's first Windowblinds contest. You must be a member of Skinning.net to join in. Joining the site is simple, painless, safe, free and easy (yes, all of that).

1st prize is $60 US dollars & ObjectDesktop plus Total Gaming Network
2nd prize is $25 US dollars & ObjectDesktop

Check out the full details at Skinning.net ---> Link

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on Jun 11, 2006
Uploading is over.  The WINDOWBLINDS are uploaded and awaiting your comments.  The poll for members will be up later this morning to vote on the one our members like the best.
on Jun 11, 2006
Ok all, everything is in and up for downloading and voting.

Click here ---> http://www.skinning.net/frontend/forum_viewtopic.php?52.9228

For the voting thread where you can see the screenshots, download the blinds and cast your vote!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered, our sponsors and everyone else. Good luck and enjoy!!!!
on Jun 14, 2006
We are looking for everyone to come by and check out, download, rate and vote for your favorite windowblind. Make sure to check them all out... some really great blinds in there and they are exclusive to the contest until its over. Click the link above and get yours now!!
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